Friday, 5 January 2018

Nested structure / Structure with in Structure

A structure is a programmer defined datatype where group of different types of data are stored. Like nested loops C permits us to create structure with in another structure. Such structures are called nested structures. Such a nesting of structure more useful when you are working with complex data. In C, structures can be nested in two ways.

Defining One structure as a member of another structure

         One structure can be defined as member of another structure. Let us consider below example, where an employee structure is defines as a member of department structure.


struct department  

  char name[30];
  struct employee
    int eid;
    int sal;
   char eaddress[20];

The innermost members in nested structure (employee) can be accessed as follows.

printf("\n the employee id %d", d.e.eid);
Prints("\n the employee salary %d", d.e.sal);

Defining Nested structure using structure variables

      One can also define nested structure using structure variables. Here we define one structure variable as a member of another structure. Let us consider the following example,

struct dept
  int name[30];
  int no;

struct employee
  int eid;
  int easl;
  struct dept deptname;  // deptname is structure variable of type dept

Here in this example, I am defining "deptname" as a member of structure employee.


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