Data Structures Tutorial

The following Data Structures Tutorial covers all the topic which are useful for both academic exams and competitive or entrance exams. The tutorial is developed such a way this can help to crack top level exams like GATE, UGC NET ext.


Chapter-I ( introduction to data structures) 

  1. Introduction to the theory of data structures
  2. Why we need data structures
  3. Linear and non-linear data structures
  4. Storage structures
  5. Data representation
  6. Abstract Data types
  7. Primitive and non-primitive data structures
  8. Data structures and structure type.
  9. Atomic type.
  10. Differences between ADT, data types, and data structures
  11. Refinement stages 

Chapter-II ( Introduction to linked list)

  1. Difference between linked list and arrays.
  2. How linked lists are stored in memory.
  3. Different types of linked list.
  4. Single linked list and all its possible operations 
  5. Double linked list and all its possible operations 
  6. Circular linked list and all its possible operations 
  7. Applications of linked 

 Chapter-III ( Stack)

  1. Introduction to stack 
  2. Stack ADT and basic conditions
  3. Basic stack operations
  4. Representation of stack in memory
  5. Implementation of stack using arrays
  6. Implementation of stack using linked list
  7. Applications of stack
  8. Infix to postfix conversion using stack
  9. Evaluation of postfix expression using stack.
  10. Balancing parenthesis using stack.

Chapter-IV ( Queue)

  1. Introduction to Queue and ADT
  2. Basic Queue operations
  3. Representation of Queue in memory
  4. Implementation of Queue using arrays
  5. Implementation of Queue using linked list.
  6. Different types of Queues
  7. Doubly ended Queue
  8. Priority Queue
  9. Circular Queue
  10. Applications of Queue
  11. Implementing a sack using Queues 

Chapter-V ( Binary Tree Data structure)

  1. Introduction trees and it's terminology.
  2. Different types of trees.
  3. Properties of binary trees
  4. Representation of binary trees in Computer memory.
  5. Operations on binary tree.
  6. Binary tree traveling 
  7. Formation of binary tree from its travels 
  8. Threaded binary trees  
  9. Applications of binary tree

Chapter-VI ( Binary search tree)

  1. Introduction to binary search trees
  2. differences between binary tree and binary search tree.
  3. Operations on binary search tree.
  4. Finding minimum and maximum in a binary search tree
  5. Binary search tree traveling 
  6. Applications of binary search tree

Binary Heap

Chapter-VII (Graphs)

  1. Introduction to graphs and terminology
  2. Different types of graphs
  3. Representation of graphs using matrix, linked list and sets
  4. Graph traveling techniues -  1) Depth First Search  2) Breadth first search
  5. Minimum spanning trees and it's properties
  6. Prim's algorithm 
  7. Krushkal's algorithm 
  8. Shortest paths in Graphs
  9. Topological sorting in graphs

Chapter-VIII ( Searching and sorting)

  1. Introduction to searching and sorting
  2. Linear or sequential search
  3. Indexed sequential search
  4. Binary search
  5. Selection sorting
  6. Bubble sorting
  7. Insertion sorting 
  8. Quick sorting
  9. Merge sorting 
  10. Radix sorting
  11. Shell sorting


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