Thursday, 11 June 2015

Installation of JDK and BDK

After installing JDK (java development kit) and it is the time to setup path for your environment variables. This will help us to run our java programs. For setting the environmental variables just right click on my computer icon in that click on the advanced tab.

As shown in above figure under start up and recovery you will find Environmental Variable. Click on that it will open as

Generally under system variables you will find path variable just edit it and it the variable value delete the previous path give your JDK path as

Now download the BDK(Bean Development Kit) form the internet . it comes it zip format just extract and copy it in c drive under programming files. Then go to a sub directory bean box. The snapshot is as given below-

In this directory there is one batch file named run, just double click it and you will get something as follows.

Note that for executing the BDK it is necessary to have JDKinstalled on your PC. There are four windows that get open namely

  1. Toolbox
  2. Bean Box
  3. Properties-BeanBox
  4. Method Tracer  


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