Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Need For C with Classes in Programming

After a long struggle Dennis Ritech  Finally developed a programming language that have more features compared to all other languages called "C Languages". There are so many factors which affect the popularity of the C language.Such as simple, modularity,pointers and etc.But It have the following disadvantages.

 Disadvantages of  C language.( Source--->

1. There is no run time checking in C language, as the program extends it is very difficult to fix the bugs.
2. There is no strict type checking (for ex: we can pass an integer value for the floating data type).
3. C doesn't have the concept of namespace.
4. C doesn't have the concept of constructors and destructors.
5. It does not support the object oriented concepts such as polymorphism, data hiding and the others.
6. There is no enough library function for handling today's programming environment.
7. It is case sensitive so, mixing case makes difficult while programming.  
8. There is no exception handling mechanism  

                                     So, to full fill the above disadvantages "BjarneStroustrup" created a language which follow all the features of the C Language with introducing a new concept called classes.So, Then the name it self  for C++ as C with classes. It have number of  advantages and some of them are

It consists and support all the object oriented features.
New concepts like classes,objects,constructors and destructors make more simple for writing programming.

                   The modular programming is tried to eliminate in C++, one can use the classes and object for creating any application that is crated in C. We can also write a C++ program without classes and objects.

              The memory and run time programming execution is entirely different for the two languages. There are so many reasons why C with classes are needed in programming, But some of them are listed above.  


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