Monday, 26 October 2015

Mozilla Firefox add ons for {windows 7/8.0/9}latest version fee download

It goes without saying the primary use of a web browser it to view the Internet. A web browser is a special software application program which is used to retrieving, presenting and transferring information from internet. Now a days there are lot of web browsers we are using along with all other tools in the computer systems as well as in mobile devices. The common used web browsers are Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome ext.. and UG browser for mobile devices.

                Each of the above browser had their own unique advantages and  feature. Among these, the two most popular and frequently most of the people interact with internet throw Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome. These two are leading web browsers today's technical world. Among these two here we are with you to present on Mozilla Firefox!

What is Mozilla Firefox ?

                  Mozilla Firefox is a free open source web browser for the computer. It displays web pages written in the computer language HTML. It is made by the Mozilla Foundation. It works on all common operating systems. 

How to download Mozilla Firefox latest version free 

                    As I had stated earlier it is free open source web browser and one could download it from Mozilla Foundation or from the free ware software providers like centdown loader or Filehippo.

Mozilla add ons

                    Add ons are the smallest utility extensions for your web browsers, which will make your browser more useful, work flexibility without any need of third party software installation on your compute. For example to download videos from YouTube most of the people using the Internet download manage But by using Mozilla add ons it make it easy to download them.
                Trying to keep a competitive edge, Firefox included some attractive core features. One of the default features with Firefox is the built-in ability to changes themes, add additional functionality, and easily manage plugins.  These actions can be done through the use of the Add-ons menu item, located under Tools within the Firefox browser.

When your entering this sub menu you will see the following window

 As I had pointed above from the left you can see a menu with all the available feature and on the other hand there will be a search box, you can use this for what your searching for, the search results display at the bottom. When you click on Get Add-ons you will see the above window. Scroll down to see the add ons.
Select the required one and then you will navigate to the following window 

 As shown above click on " Add to Firefox" button and it will takes two minutes to integrate with your browser, then restart browser and enjoy the functionality. Thank you have good browsing.


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