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what is operating system and why it is needed

When you are buying a computer you just buying a Hardware components only. This system is just like skeleton of Human without skin. It is not useful in any way and they won't perform any functions independently. If the Human body with skin then it can do any work that is not done by skeleton. Thus the skin makes skeleton into functioning.

         Similarly, To work with Hardware of your computer components you need software. The system hardware can't perform any operations independently on its own. The software that is used to do work with hardware is called system software. The best example of system software is an " Operating System".

What is an operating system ?

                                 An operating system is a system software which acts as a middle ware between user and hard ware. It provides an interface to run application programs.

The main function of operating system includes 

  • providing interface between computer hardware and users 
  • provides a platform for running different application software 
  • manages the computer memory and programs run in it
  • provides security for your data
  • provides basic data manipulation methods

Where I get operating system for my computer ?

                                                   Generally there are two ways for getting software for your computer. The first and frequently most of the peoples used is downloading trial versions from the internet. Secondly you also buy the Pro Versions from the companies like Microsoft Window.

Things Need to considering before installing operating system on your PC.

                                  Not all operating system are suitable for all hardware's. Before installing any operating system on your computer, the following things need to be considered.

The purpose and work your going to do with your PC
The type of Processor you had. That is 32-bit or 64-bit processor
The Primary Memory(RAM) Capacity
The Hardware Technology is suitable for your OS?

     Like you need to select so many factors but these are basic factors to consider while installing Operating system on your PC.

Final Words 

                    The main use of the OS is the run the hardware components and to run applications on it. Without OS we need to write programs to do any work which are suitable to hardware and these programs are capable of interacting with computer. So, for this reason the OS is used. If you have any suggestions to improve this site, please comment below.  


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