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What is MS DOS 6.22 Operating System ? Feature | History | Key Points

Hi, Today We come back with another interesting topic and it need to know every one. The " Microsoft Disk Operating System formally known as MS DOS". Originally 86-MS DOS  operating systems was  written by  Time Peterson of Seattle Computer Products, DOS was a rough clone of CP/M for 8086 based hardware. Later it was licensed by Microsoft.

       MS DOS is the last standard alone command line operating system  designed by Microsoft  for PC, and it generally considered to be one of the most versatile and reliable dos type OS every released by Microsoft. It has numerous safety features and enhancements designed to provided the safest possible computing environment for MS DOS 6.22 and other popular operating systems. The most notable features of MS DOS 6.22 are 

Feature of MS DOS 6.22

Antivirus: This utility can identify and remove more than 1000 different computer viruses. MS DOS 6.22 includes a version of Antivirus for DOS and Windows 3.1x

Backup: It is a utility to backup your computer data under DOS

Defrag: Defrag is a utility that is used to minimize the access time of your file under DOS   

DriveSpace and DubleGuard: DriveSpace integrates disk compression into the OS and supports both hard disk and floppy disk. DriveSpace includes DubleGuard which provides data integrity before writing data into disk. That is if a file with some name is already exist then it will not allow to write the file with same name. More generally it will not allow duplicate file names.

Interactive start:  The Interactive start feature give you the ability to bypass startup commands when you turn on your computer by pressing F8.

Internal links : This feature allows you to easily transfer files between computers.

Undlete: This feature allows to you to recover your deleted files.

Why MS DOS was Made?

      MS DOS was resulted from a requested made by Indian Business Management(IBM) in 1981 for his IBM PC range personal computers. During its life time many evaluation were made and here are the versions of MS DOS 

MS DOS   1.x, MS DOS 2.x, MS DOS   3.00, MS DOS 3.10, MS DOS   3.20

MS DOS  3.21 , MS DOS 3.30 , MS DOS   3.31 , MS DOS 4.01 , MS DOS   5.0

MS DOS 6.0, MS DOS   6..20 , MS DOS 6.21 , MS DOS   6.22 , MS DOS 7.0 (CDU), MS DOS 8.0

For more information on versions of MS DOS Click Here

  • Microsoft DOS 6.22 was the last standalone version from Microsoft. It was also the last from Microsoft to run on an 8088, 8086, or 286
  • Windows 98 was the last to use dos 7, Windows Mellenium Edition used Microsoft DOS 8 (Only came bundled in windows setup)

Maximum Drive size support under DOS 6.22:

               FAT16 tops at 2GB for DOS 6.22. DOS 6.0 tops out FAT16 at 528MB, IIRC.

Your system indeed will probably top out at 8GB for drive recognition, but it could do 32GB, depending upon whether or not you've got the latest bios for your system. If it's a 440FX chipset based system, odds are that the latest bios will only get you 8GB. 440LX and later will probably get you 32GB max drive size without a drive overlay program.

NT4's FAT16 max partition is 4GB, IIRC. I could be wrong on that.

Try to ID the motherboard and do a bios update in any case, if the system board doesn't recognize your drive properly.


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