Wednesday 20 January 2016

The three magical words : Software, Hardware, Firmware and People ware


          A software is a set of program or instructions. They are two types of software categories that are generally available. System software and application software.

System software

                           system software is computer software designed to operate the computer hardware and to provide and maintain a platforms for running the application software. The best examples of system software include Operating system, BIOS, and Device Drivers.

                             The BIOS and Device drivers are used to provide the basic functionality to operate and control the hardware connected to or built into the computer.

Application Software's

                                   These are types of software's used to achieve a special task. That is these are designed for a special purpose. For examples, music player are designed to listen music, MS Office is used to work with text ext..... Application software run on the basis of the system software. They re different types of application software's available today in market like multimedia software's, games software's ext..


                 Hardware is the mechanical part of your computer. If you compare our Human body with computer, then the skin which make intelligence is software and the skeleton is hardware. That is a computer can be defined as , it is a combination of  hardware and software. Hardware are the physical components that you can see and touch on you computer. It includes the I/O devices, cables, fans, cabinet ext...


                    Firmware is a types of software that is embedded in hardware. We may think of Firmware as ' software for hardware'. While manufacturing hardware devices, if it is found that cost is more important than performance, then the computer system architecture may decide to minimize the use of electronic circuits and implement the desired function using a set of instructions ( or software)
               Devices that we think of as strictly hardware generally have a piece of software programmed into special persistent memory contained in the hardware itself. The memory stores the program code and related data. usually, Firmware is stored in non-volatile memory devices such as ROM, EPROM, or flash memory.

               Firmware is an integral part of electronic devices such as optical drives, routers, traffic lights, consumers appliances, digital watches, computer, computer peripherals, mobile phones, and digital cameras.

People ware 

      Peopleware is a term used to refer to one of the three core aspects of computer technology, the other two being hardware and software. Peopleware can refer to anything that has to do with the role of people in the development or use of computer software and hardware systems, including such issues as developer productivity, teamwork, group dynamics, the psychology of programming, project management, organizational factors, human interface design, and human-machine-interaction

Peopleware refers to the human role in an IT system. In many cases, peopleware forms a kind of "conceptual triangle" with hardware and software. The term refers to human talent as a kind of commodified piece of an IT process and a key part of providing various technical business models and other planning resources.

Examples of peopleware include various job roles that are commonly understood as parts of an IT process. These include computer engineers, website designers, technicians and other IT specialists, such as database administrators or networking specialists. Those who are classified under the broad umbrella of peopleware typically hold key certifications in these and other areas of IT specialization.


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