Monday, 22 February 2016

How Java Arrays differs from other arrays

Arrays can be defined as a derived data type which can store large number of data items of similar types grouped together and are referred by a common name.
Arrays in java
Arrays in C/C++
These can store both object and primitive data types
These can store only primitive data types
Arrays are treated as objects
Arrays are not objects here
Arrays are passed by references
Arrays cannot be passed by reference but are passed by value
Array size should not be mentioned during declaration
Array size can be mentioned during deceleration
Java do not support string as array o characters.
Array of characters make up a string
The second dimension of a two-dimensional array can be changed as per the requirement.
The second dimension of a two-dimensional array cannot be changed for each row
Array cannot be manipulated by their addresses
Arrays of C/C++ can be manipulated by their addresses
Array manipulation is easy because of predefined methods
Array manipulation is not so easy when compared to java


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