Monday, 6 April 2020

How To Protect Your worksheet workbook (ms excel document)

Protection is one of the major factor in information processing and in general life. We need to prevent the access to unauthorized users from accessing our work. In excel the protection is done in two level.

  1. Protecting the cells
  2. Protecting the workbook/ entire document.
Here we are explaining the second method, that is How To Protect Your worksheet/workbook(ms excel document). Here we go

First open the excel document and type the content what you want and from the file menu select save as option.

Then It will display the save as dialog box. From the right side Tool options select the "General options". Then it will return the following window

In the Save options dialog box enter the password and click ok. It will again asking the conformation password twice enter the some and click on the save button. That it now you have enabled protection for your worksheet.

When you want to try to open the document it will display window like above. Enter the password. It will ask two time enter what it is.

                                          Finally, In this way we can Protect Your worksheet/workbook(ms excel document). If any doubts ask us in comment lines. We are always with you form helping persons like you.  


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