Monday 22 February 2016

Three steps that will make you a good programmer

Writing a program is an art and you should have clear idea about the programming language that your going to be write your program.So, here today we have come with another interesting and useful topic for you. Here you can learn how to get start to write a program and what are basic thing you need to write a program in any programming language.

                There are so, many peoples asking so many question while they are at learning stage. But the common question is " can I write my won program for a particular problem ?". The simple answer is Yes. Every one can write any program in their own logic.

                   But it is not always an easy task, you can do this only if you fulfill some requirements which are need for you.Here are Top three steps every one can follow while writing program.

3 steps that will make you a good programmer in any programming language
  1. Learn basics of the programming language to write simple programs.
  2. Understanding the problem and writing logic
  3. Practicing makes man more perfect.

Learn basics of the programming language to write simple programs.

The first step is, if you want to write program in some language, you must have a basic knowledge about language basic. The top most basics are data types, control and looping structures, Input and output states.

Data type basics:

                     These  are basic units of any programming language. The data type tells how much of memory is allocated for you program. Generally there are two types of data types available in most programming languages. These are Primitive data types and user defined data types.

                 Primitive data types are those that are comes with along with language definition and  primary thing and have fixed memory size. Derived data types are the data types, these are defined by the programmers/users according to user needs.So, it is very important factor to learn about these.

control and looping structures

               These statements have total control about your programming.Such as how many times to execute a group of statements. For checking or testing the conditions those need to satisfy to execute a block of statements.So, learn these to take program control in your hand. 

 Input and output states

In any programming taking the input and displaying the out put is an important factor.So, without these it is not possible to write program.So, the maximum percentage of the program depends on these statements.

Understanding the problem and writing logic

         Another heart of any programming is programming logic. The total your effort and your talent visible how simple you have derived a logic for complex problem. If your logic goes complex them the program also becomes complex.

                  One must have knowledge of mathematics for writing logic for any problem solved in computer languages.

Practicing makes man more perfect.

               Practice the simple problems daily and observe how they written the logic and program. trey to develop the code in you own way, finally one day you become a good programmer.

         Final words, Writing programming code in their own way is an art that comes by following these steps.


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