Tuesday, 30 August 2016

uses of C language

C is a general purpose programming language and it can be useful in many cases. It can be used a high level language for developing complex application and as well as to develop low level applications.

  • C is a very simple language  that is widely used by software professionals around the globe.The uses of C language can be summarized as follows.
  • C language is primarily used for system programming. The portability, efficiency, the ability to access specific hardware addresses and low run time demand on system resources makes it a good choice for implementing operating systems and embedded system applications.
  • C has been so widely accepted by professionals that compilers, libraries, and interpreters of other programming languages are often implemented in C.
  • For portability and convenience reasons, C is sometimes used as an intermediate language for implementations of other languages.
  • Basically, C was designed as a programming language and was not meant to be used as a compiler target language. Therefore, although C can be used as an intermediate language it is not an ideal option.
  • C is widely used to implement end-user applications.


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