Monday, 19 November 2018

Google File Go APP For Mobile Phone

Managing storage on a phone or tablet is one of the more annoying tasks we have to commonly deal with. Users are faced with questions of deciding which apps to delete, how much room it will save, and hunting down files that just aren't needed.Google's Files Go app was recently released, and its entire purpose is to help you manage storage.

Files by Google (formerly known as Files Go) is a file management and file management app for file browsing, storage clean-up and for offline transfer of files released by Google on December 5, 2017. Currently available on the Android platform.

The home page of the Files Go app details storage amount of your device, and how much space is being used. Below that is a feed, similar to Google Now or the Assistant feed in Google Photos, that makes recommendations to help free up some space.

You will receive alerts for things like apps you haven't used in the past 30 days, or apps with a large cache of unnecessary files, audio files, or duplicate files stored on your device.

Go through each alert, pick and choose what stays and what goes, then rejoice at your newly reclaimed space.



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