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HTML Features, Advantages, Disadvantages

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is used to display the document in the web browsers. HTML pages can be developed to be simple text or to be complex multimedia program containing sound, moving images and java applets. HTML is considered to be the global publishing format for Internet. It is not a programming language. HTML was developed by Tim Berners-Lee. HTML standards are created by a group of interested organizations called W3C (World Wide Web consortium). In HTML formatting is specified by using tags. A tag is a format name surrounded by angle brackets. End tags which switch a format off also contain a forward slash. Points to be remembered for HTML tags:

  1. Tags are delimited by angled brackets.
  2. They are not case sensitive
  3. If a browser not understands a tag it will usually ignore it.
  4. Some characters have to be replaced in the text by escape sequences.
  5. White spaces, tabs and newlines are ignored by the browser

Features of HTML

1) It is a very easy and simple language. It can be easily understood and modified.
2) It is very easy to make effective presentation with HTML because it has a lot of formatting tags.
3) It is a markup language so it provides a flexible way to design web pages along with the text.
4) It facilitates programmers to add link on the web pages (by html anchor tag) , so it enhances the interest of browsing of the user.
5) It is platform-independent because it can be displayed on any platform like Windows, Linux and Macintosh etc.
6) It facilitates the programmer to add Graphics, Videos, and Sound to the web pages which makes it more attractive and interactive.

Advantages of HTML:
1. First advantage it is widely used.
2. Every browser supports HTML language.
3. Easy to learn and use.
4. It is by default in every window so you don't need to purchase extra software.

Disadvantages of HTML:

1. It can create only static and plain pages so if we need dynamic pages then HTML is not useful.
2. Need to write lot of code for making simple webpage.
3. Security features are not good in HTML.


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