Monday, 8 July 2019

File Based System Vs Database System

Prior to DBMS, file system provided by OS was used to store information. In a file-based system, we have collection of application programs that perform services for the end users. Each program defines and manages its own data.

Consider University database, the University database contains details about student, faculty, lists of courses offered, and duration of course, etc. In File-based processing for each database there is separate application program which is shown figure.

One group of users may be interested in knowing the courses offered by the university. One group of users may be interested in knowing the faculty information. The information is stored in separate files and separate applications programs are written.


A database is a well-organized collection of data that are related in a meaningful way, which can be accessed in different logical orders. Database systems are systems in which the interpretation and storage of information are of primary importance.

The database should contain all the data needed by the organization as a result, a huge volume of data, the need for long-term storage of the data, and access of the data by a large number of users generally characterize database systems. The simplified view of database system is shown below

From this figure, it is clear that several users can access the data in a organization still the integrity of the data should be maintained. A database is integrated when same information is not recorded in two places.


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