Thursday, 15 August 2019

Files used in C program

while creating and running a c program we will use four types of files.

1. source file
2. library file
3. object file
4. executable file

Source file is file where the original source code is present. The source file has .c extension. While creating c language the developers of c defined some predefined files called header files. They contain related programs.

The commonly used header files are

string.h -- for string handling functions.
math.h --- for mathematical functions.
alloc.h --- for dynamic memory allocation.
conio.h --- for clearing the screen.

an object file is a file generated by compiler as result of processing the source code.

The binary executable file is generated by the linker. The linker links various object files to produce a binary file that can be directly executed on windows operating system. The executable file have .exe extension.


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