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Advantages of structure type over array type variable

Both structures and arrays are use to store group of data. But there are lot of differences between structures and arrays in C/C++. Here are some of major differences between structure and array.


  1. An array is a collection of related elements of the same type, structure can have elements of different types.
  2. An array is a derived data type where as a structure is a program defined one.
  3. An array behaves like a built in data type, all we have to do is to declare an array variable  and use it. But in case of structure first we have to design and declare a structure before variable of that type is declared.

Difference between Structure and Array

Array refers to a collection consisting of elements of homogenous data type.Structure refers to a collection consisting of elements of heterogenous data type.
Array uses subscripts or “[ ]” (square bracket) for element accessStructure uses “.” (Dot operator) for element access
Array is pointer as it points to the first element of the collection.Structure is not a pointer
Instantiation of Array objects is not possible.Instantiation of Structure objects is possible.
Array size is fixed and is basically the number of elements multiplied by the size of an element.Structure size is not fixed as each element of Structure can be of different type and size.
Bit filed is not possible in an Array.Bit filed is possible in an Structure.
Array declaration is done simply using [] and not any keyword.Structure declaration is done with the help of “struct” keyword.
Arrays is a primitive datatypeStructure is a user-defined datatype.
Array traversal and searching is easy and fast.Structure traversal and searching is complex and slow.
data_type array_name[size];struct sruct_name{
data_type1 ele1;
data_type2 ele2;
Array elements are stored in continuous memory locations.Structure elements may or may not be stored in a continuous memory location.
Array elements are accessed by their index number using subscripts.Structure elements are accessed by their names using dot operator.


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