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Classification of Database management system

 The database management system can be broadly classified into 

1. Passive database management system

   The passive database management system are query driven. In passive database management system the users query the current state of database and retrieve the information currently available in the in the database.

Example: Traditional DBMS

2. Active database management system

Active database management systems are data driven systems. In Active database management system the users specify to the DBMS the information needed. If the information of interest is currently available, the DBMS actively monitors the arrival of the desired information and provides it to the relevant users.


The DBMS can be classified into different categories on basis of several criteria such as data model they are using, number of users they support, number of sites over which the data base is distributed and the purpose they serve.

3. Based on data model

Based on data model they uses, the DBMS can be classified as 

A) Hierarchical DBMS organizes the data records in a tree structure.

B) Network DBMS organizes the data records linked to one another through pointers, which is an association between records.

C) Relational DBMS organizes the data records in the form of tables and relationships among the tables.

4. Based on number of users

Depending on the number of users the DBMS support, it is divided into two categories.

A) In single user system, the data resides on one computer and is only accessed by one user at a time.

B) In multi user system, multiple users can access the database at the same time.

5. Based on number of sites

Depending on the number of sites over which the database is distributed, it is classified into two types

A) centralized database systems run on a single computer system. Both the database and DBMS software resides at a single computer site.

B) In distributed databases management system, the database and DBMS software are distributed over several computers at different sites.

6. Based on the purpose 

Depending on the purpose the DBMS it can be classified as

DBMS is a general purpose software system. It can however, be designed for specific purposes such as airline or railway reservations. such systems cannot be used for other applications.


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