Saturday, 25 December 2021

Introduction to multithreading

Thread - The smallest unit in a process execution 

Multithreading - The process of executing multiple threads parallel or simultaneously.

Multiprocessing - The process of executing more than one program at the same time.

That is multitasking is a sub concept in  multi programming where the smallest units called threads are executed at a time.

Difference between multithreading and multitasking 


  1. It is a programming concept in which a program is divided sub-programs that are executed at the same time in parallel.
  2. It supports execution of multiple parts of a simple programe simultaneously.
  3. The processor has to switch between different parts of a programe.
  4. It is highly efficient.
  5. A thread is the smallest unit in multithreading 
  6. It helps in developing efficient programs
  7. It is cost efficient in case of context switch
  8. A thread is a light weight  process.

Multi programming

  1. It is an operating system concept in which multiple tasks are performed at the same time.
  2. It supports execution of multiple programs simultaneously.
  3. The processor has to switch between different programe 
  4. It is less efficient in comparison to multithreading 
  5. A program is the smallest efficient operating system
  6. It is inexpensive in case of context switch.
  7. A program is a heavy weighted component 


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