Saturday, 25 December 2021

Java API Packages

A package represents a directory that contains related group of classes and interfaces.


Which contains all the classes and interfaces related to input and output.

The following are the different packages in java API

1.*; - Input/Output classes, they provide facilities for input and output of data

2. java.lang.*; - language support classes. Java compiler itself uses and therefore they are automatically imported.

3. java.util.*; - The package contains useful classes and interfaces like stack, vector, array etc

4. java.awt.* - AWT stands for abstract window toolkit. This package helps tp develop GUI Where programe with colorful screens, painting and images can be developed.

5.*; - consists of classes for networking. Client server programming can be done using package.

6. java.applet.*;  - classes for creating and implementing applets.

7. java.text.*; - The package has two important classes, DateFormat to format date and time, and NumberFormat which is useful to format numeric values.

8. java.sql.*; - This package helps to connect the databases like Oracle, retrieve the data from them and use it in a java programe.


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