Saturday, 16 April 2022

First Normal Form and Multi valued attribute

 An attribute with more than one value is called multi valued attribute .

It was defined to disallow multi valued attributes, composite attributes, and their combinations. It states that the domain of an attribute must include only atomic (simple, indivisible) values and that the value of any attribute in a tuple must be a single value from the domain of that attribute.

1NF disallows relations within relations or relations as attribute values within tuples. The only attribute values permitted by 1NF are single atomic (or indivisible) values.

According to the definition of conversion of ER model to relation, by default all relations are in 1NF.

To normalize a relation that contains a repeating group, remove the repeating group and form two new relations.

The PK of the new relation is a combination of the PK of the original relation plus an attribute from the newly created relation for unique identification.


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