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Features of python

 Features of Python

Python is a high-level dynamically typed programming language which is free and open source.

Features of python are:

These are some the features of python programming language discussed here

1.Free and open source

Python is a free and open source software available on the internet to download and share each other. Python is available to download from the official website We can read and edit the source code,

2.Easy to learn

Python syntax is easy to learn and  the structure of the python program is simple. Python has wide range of community and easy to learn compared to other programming language.

3.High-level language

Python is a High-level language and the programmer don't worry on the low level details like memory management and can concentrate on building the logic.

4.Object-oriented Programming

Python supports object-oriented programming approach with the help of classes and objects.

5.Interpreted language

Python is an interpreted language and the code is executed by line by line. There is no intermediate code generated.

6.Extensible language

Python is an extensible language and supports writing some of it's code in other language like C/C++ and compile the code.


Python is a portable language as if we write code in windows machine and we want to use it on Linux or Mac Operating system then we don't need to change the code we can directly run it on the Linux or Mac OS.

8.Dynamically typed language

Python is a dynamically typed language and we don't need to specify the type of value and it is taken on the runtime as int, float or double etc.,


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