Saturday, 21 February 2015

why data structures so important in computers

In computer science organizing data is so important and it is a time consuming process. If the data is in a particular order, then it is easy to process and easy to operate on that data.

                Processed and organized data gives more reliability and accuracy for operations done using that data. So,organization is very important in any situation. For example, in a library if the books are not in ordered collection and then it difficult to find new book or to place new book in right place. If the book are arranged in one particular order or on a principle such as " all types of books on the same self or same side or in same room ", then this makes easy to find and place book. 

           Another important point here is that " The time take to find or placing book in the right order". So, all these are points where the question rises " we need to give a particular order( structure ) to your data in real life", then the answer to this question is " use of data structures ".

                  Generally a data structures represents how the data is ordered or structured using a particular rule and how those data are delete or retrieved using a particular rule. 

                    In computer , we need lot of data to process a particular application or program or transaction. For all these do correctly we need to structure the data or organize the data. A data structure is used to organizing data and using that data effectively for good results.

                consider another example, If you have group of CD'S as shown below and those are collected from different places and all of the same type. Than see how these are look likes ?

collection of data without structure
 All the data is spread around the place it occupy. Is is easy to process this time of data easily ? Is it possible to operate on this type data correctly and efficiently ?.... No, what to do when this is situation ? . The one solution for this is use of  "data structures". Let us represent the same above data using data structures 

collection of data with  structure

So, Finally we conclude that data structures are used to structure the data and efficiently organize the data.
 There are so many types of data structures  available in computer science for representing data in computer. All these are grouped in two groups. First one, liner data structures and second one non liner data structures.


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