Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The need of programming Languages and their generations

 Java is platform or java is a platform independent object oriented programming. Java was mainly designed for running the application in a digital electronic devices later it becomes a programming language due to its high quality features.

When the invention of computer was started immediately the need for programming language was found. Generally the programming language is used to execute the instruction in RAM,ROM, and other places where instructions are resided in a computer. So, for this reasons there programming languages play an important role in real life situations. Here a brief how they are evaluated.

 First Generation Programming style 

            At first time the programming where written in the machine language that is 0's and 1's, the language that only understand by the computer. For example, if we want to write some thing message " hello" that is written as "001010101110101" so, every thing in terms of  zeros and ones.


1. There is no need to convert the programming code into machine code.


1.Since every thing is in the form of zeros and ones, it is hard to remember.  

Second Generation Programming style  

            In the next generation a special language called  symbolic language is used to write a program using some text editors or note pads. They uses mnemonic( a special word which describe the operation) for writing the program and those are in the English, then it is easy to understand.

A special programmer called " Assembler" is used to convert the assembly language code into object code( or machine code").


1. Easy to understand and code can be processed fast.


2. The generated  object code is machine dependent. Need to write a separate code every machine.

Third Generation Programming style  

                           lot of changes where made in this Generation Programming style and more languages with different features where invented for different purposes. Some of them are get more popularity and some of them are not.

                The languages like C,C++,FORTRAN,ALGA,COBAL,BASIC, Pascal, C#, and JAVA are example of this type generations. The two new concepts called compiler and Interpreter were developed for generating object code in this generation.

         Depending on the structure of the programming the programming languages can also be categorized as 

1. Unstructured programming languages
2. Structured programming languages or Procedural programming languages
3. Object oriented programming languages


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