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stack in data structures

                                  A data structure is a collection of data and operations performed on that data. More generally we can say a data structure is used to represent how data is organized. This type of representation is more important for any type of information management systems.

                              Generally depending upon how data is presented in any data structure, they are classified into two categories. They are, first linear data structures and second non linear data structures.

Linear data structures 

                              In this type of data structures, the data is presented orderly that is in linear order this order may be ascending order or descending order. This type of data structures some time called as sequential data structures.

Example: stack, queue, linked list

Non linear data structures:

                                     In this type of data structure, there is no one particular order to present data. All the data is spreaded in available memory and there is link between these types of data structures.

Examples: Trees and Graphics

What is Stack?

                               A stack is a linear data structures where insertions and deletions are made at one end called top of the stack. Or a stack data structures  is an ordered sets of collection of similar data and have two operations called push and pop.

The concept of stack data structures.

                  one can see or using this type of data structures in our daily life without knowing it is stack. The following are some of the examples of stacks those are see in our daily life

These are a stack if disks. All are arranged in one order and placing or deletion of disk is done only at one called top.

  These are a stack of dishes. The best example of stack data structures we can see in our daily life. There are so many stack available but all have similar concepts.

           This type of arrangement of data is also need in computers also for arranging data. Here is a stack data structures figure, which show how stack is represented in programming.

stack in data structures 

The above figure(stack in data structures ) show a stack data structure is represented in computer or programming. The elements or data are inserted at one end and are deleted at the same end called " top of the stack".. The insertion of data operation is called " Push operation" and the deletion of data operation is called " pop operation".  


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