Sunday, 17 May 2015

History of Java

Java is general purpose, object oriented programming language developed by sun micro systems of USA in 1991. Originally called 'OAK' by James Gosling, one of the inventors of the languages.  The Java team is also called as green Team.

                                        James Gosling with his team started developing a new language, which was completely system independent. This language was initially called OAK. Sine this name was registered by some other company, later it was changed to Java.

                                      James Gosling and his team members where consuming a lot of coffee while developing this language. Good quality of coffee was supplied from a place called " Java Island". Hence they fixed the name of the language as java and the symbol for java is cup and saucer.

                                    Sun formally announced java at sun world conference in 1995. On January 25th 1996, JDK 1.0 version was released. The following is the a brief  History of Java.

  • 1990- Sun microsystem started a new project for consumer electronics.
  • 1991-  The project was named as 'OAK'.
  • 1992- The Green team started new project for home applications.
  • 1993- The world wide web started. The green team run's its first application on WWW in the form of Applet.
  • 1995- 'OAK' was renamed " Java"
  • 1996- Sun Releases JDK 1.0
  • 1997- JDK 1.1
  • 1998- Java2 with version 1.2
  • 1999- J2SE and J2EE
  • 2000- J2SE with SDK 1.3 released 
  • 2002- J2SE with SDK 1.4 released
  • 2004- J2SE with 5.0 was released.
  • 2006- J2SE6 (on 11th December-2006)
  • 2011- J2SE7 (25th July-2011)
  • 2014- J2SE8(18th March-2015)
  • 2017- J2SE9( September -2017)
  • 2018- J2SE10( March 2018)
  • 2018 -J2SE11( September 2018)
  • 2019 - J2SE12( March 2019)

           Now still the last version of java is running that is present version of java is J2SE12--- Java12


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