Tuesday 19 May 2015

Java Features or Java Buzzwords

There are so many features of java. They are also called as java buzzwords. The below are the some of the features of java.

  1. simple
  2. object oriented
  3. platform independent 
  4. secure
  5. robust
  6. architectural neutral 
  7. portable
  8. dynamic
  9. interpreted 
  10. high performance 
  11. multi threaded  
  12. distributed


                 According to the sun, Java language is simple because. syntax is based  on C++( so easier for programmers to learn it after C++). Removed many confusing and/or rarely used features e.g., explicit pointers, operator overloading.

                    No need to remove unreferenced objects because there is automatic garbage collection in java.

Object Oriented 

             Java is a true object oriented language. Almost everything in java is an object. All program code and data reside with in objects and classes. Java comes with an extensively set of classes, arranged in packages, that we can use in our programs by inheritance. The object oriented model in java is simple and easy to extend.

Platform Independent 

                            A platform is the hardware or software environment in which a program runs. There are two types of platforms software based and hardware based. Java provided software based platform. The java plat form differs from most other platforms that runs on top of other hardware based platform. It has two components

1. Run time Environment
2. API

Java code can be run on multiple platforms e.g: windows, Linux, sun, solaries, Mac/Os etc.

Java code is compiled by the compiler and converted into bytecode. This bytecode is a platform independent code because it can be run on multiple platforms i.e., write once and run anywhere.


            Java is secured language
No explicit pointer
Programs run inside virtual machine sandbox.

The java provides security in three level as mentioned below


                     adds security by separately the package for the classes of the local file system from those that are imported from network sources.

Bytecode Verifier

                            Checks the code fragments for legal code that can violate access right to objects.

Security Management 

                                  Determines what resources a class can access such as reading and writing to the local disk.

                These security are provided by java language. some security can also be provided  by application developer throw SSL,  JAVAS, Cryptography etc.


           Roust simple means strong. Java uses strong memory management. There are lack of pointers that avoid security problems. There is automatic garbage collection in java. There is exception handling in java. All these pointers makes java roust.

Architectural Neutral 

                                     There is no implementation dependent feature  e.g, size of primitive type is set. The compiler generates an architectural neutral object file format the compiled code is executed on many processors, given the presence of the java runtime system. The java compiler does this by generating bytecode instructions which have nothing to do with particular computer architecture.

                             Rather, they are designed to be both easy to interpret on any machine and easily translate into native machine code on the fly.


               Java ensure portability in two ways. First, Java compiler generated bytecode instructions that can be implemented on any machine. Secondly, the size of the primitive data types are machine independent.

           We may carry the java bytecode to any platform.   


                In a number of ways, Java is more dynamic language than C and C++. It was designed to adapt to an evolving environment. Libraries can freely add new methods and instance variables without any effect on their client. In java, finding out run time type information is  straightforward.


                 Java interpreted can execute java bytecode directly on any machine to which the interpreter has been ported. Since linking is a more incremental and lightweight process, the development process can be much more rapid and exploratory.

High Performance 

                        Java performance is impressive for an interpreted language, mainly due to the use of intermediate bytecode. According to SUN, java speed is comparable to the native C/C++. Java architecture is also designed to reduce overheads during runtime. Further, the cooperation of  multithreadig enhances the overall  execution speed of java programs.


                 The benefits of  mutithreading are better interactive responsiveness and real time behavior.


                    we can create distributed applications in Java. RMI and EJB are used for creating distributed applications. We may access file by calling the methods from any machine on the internet. 


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