Monday, 15 June 2015

Auto fill and Custom fill in Ms-Excel

                         Autofill is one of the feature present in the ms excel. When your typing a day,month,year and number the automatic series will be appeared by dragging it. This feature is call Autofill. For Example if your typed "jan" and then dragged then it displays months form " jan to dec" like.

How excel displays the  exact series ?

                                All the lists such as days,months are predefined in the excel list command. When you dragged it this command it executed. Here the default list command series

Custom fill:-

                     We can also create a  list that is displayed like auto fill in the order we define is knows as the custom fill. It can be achieved as by selecting the custom list option under the options in the tools menu. that is select Tools-options-from the options dialog box-custom list. you can see the window like above.In the List entries box type the list order what you want and click on Add. Then your list is added to previous list and you can use it as auto fill.



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