Monday, 15 June 2015

Macros in Ms Word

In Ms Word a macro is defined as " collection of word commands grouping to a single command". Macro are very useful commands in the ms word. They saves a lot of work while working with the word file. The following is the procedure how to create and run a macro.

Creating a macro.

  1. Open the word document.
  2. From the Tools menu select macro, them record new macro from the sub menu. It will displays the    record macro dialog box, give the name and click OK.

  • Do the work, what you want to create as macro.
  • When your finishing your work click on the button stop recording macro tool bar.Now your macro is created with your name given in the step-1. If your not given the name, the word will assign automatically like macro1, on.

Running a  Macro 

                                 To run a macro select the list of macro you want to run and select it and click on the run button to run it.To see list of macros press Alt+F8 from the keyboard.


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