Saturday, 4 December 2021

Download and install PYTHON ID

 There are so may Integrated Development Environment (IDE)'s available on the web at free of cost. you can download any one of them for exercising all type of python program. Here we recommend anaconda python individual education. Here are the complete steps how to download and install python ID.

1. Got the official website of anaconda:

2. Click on the products at the menu bar

3. From the menu select " Individual Edition". You we will get the following window 

 4. Click on the download button to download the setup file and then install it.

5. If you get any error like " path is not empty" then change " anaconda3" in the path with any other names likes anaconda4, anaconda5 ext.

6. Now your ID successfully installed and ready to experiment .

7. Click on the start button / window button search for "Jupyter Notebook(anaconda)" click on it.

8. It will open a Jupyter command prompt( don't close it) and a web browser which loads you "Jupyter notebook"


7. From the new option select "python3" that's it you all done.

 8. You interface will open with green outline boxes will all necessary options at the top as menu


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