DBMS Tutorial


I. Overview of Database Management System
  1. File System: Introduction, Drawbacks
  2. History and Development of DBMS
  3. Objectives of DBMS
  4. Classification of DBMS
  5. Advantages and Disadvantages of DBMS
  6. ANSI / SPARK Model (Levels of abstraction)
  7. Component and Interfaces of DBMS
  8. DBMS Architectures 
  9. Data Models 
  10. Situations where DBMS is not necessary
  11. DBMS Vendors and their productions

II. Entity Relational Model
  1. The Building Blocks of ER-Model
  2. Types of Entities, attributes, relation ships
  3. Reducing ER Diagram to Tables
  4. Enhanced ER Modeling
  5. Generalization and specialization
  6. IS-A and HAS-A Relationships 
  7. Attribute and Multiple inheritance
  8. constraints on Generalization and specialization
  9. Aggregation and composition


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